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Sugar Bakery In East Haven Gets An Awning Recovered

1024 768 New Haven Awning

I’m sure most of you have heard of Sugar Bakery in East Haven, CT. Some because of the fact that they were declared the winners in the Season 2 opener of the Food Network’s popular “Cupcake Wars” television show. Others, like myself, know them because of the delicious cake and cupcake selections.  My favorite being the apple pie cupcake! Come on, where else can you get an apple cupcake filled with apple pie and topped with vanilla buttercream and cinnamon sugar?

Sorry when there is food involved I tend to get a little excited and go off subject.

We recovered this awning with Sunbrella’s Beaufort Black/White (#5704) fabric and then we used our state-of-the-art RF welder to seam weld some natural white Sunbrella fabric onto it for the entrance/exit canopies. This way their logo looks incredible and practically pops off the canopy. Another added benefit of thermal fusing the fabric together is that it creates a rip and leak-proof bond that will last for many many years.

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