Awntex 160 Awning Fabrics

Provided By New Haven Awning

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AwnTex 160® fabric provides shade without trapping heat or airflow, making it ideal for awning and umbrella applications. This 36 by 16 count woven polyester mesh fabric is flame-retardant and resists UV rays, mildew and rot. Awn Tex 160 has an approximate openness of 14.1% and a shade factor of 85.9%. All backed by a 5-year manufacturer’s limited warranty. This fabric is also flame retardant.

Black (863409)

Coal Tweed (863414)

Gray (863405)

Ash Tweed (863415)

Taupe (863417)

White (863404)

Desert Tan (863408)

Beige (863402)

Winter Wheat (863400)

Almond/Brown Tweed (863418)

Dark Brown (863403)

Dark Brown Tweed (863416)

Terra Cotta (863411)

Brick Tweed (863412)

Cabernet Tweed (863419)

Royal Blue (863407)

Dark Green (863410)

Olive Tweed (863413)