Corradi Alba

By New Haven Awning

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Corradi Alba is a louvered pergola system that is fitted with aluminum blades that can rotate up to 150° using a wireless controller. This is a great way to easily adjust light, airflow and protection from the elements.

When the blades are inclined and half-closed they reflect the sun’s rays upwards, creating a shaded area below and a cool passage of air that makes Alba the perfect solution even for hot summer afternoons, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space even when the sun is high in the New England sky.

At night this awesome Pergola system lights up thanks to the blade-integrated LED lights. When the first breeze of the season rears it’s ugly head, simply adjust the opening of the blades and lower the side closure that completes this pergola system for even more effective protection against inclement weather. And actually, vertical closures, sliding glass patio doors or progressive screens compatible with Alba are designed to protect the inside of the pergola even against intense rain and wind.