Weather-Chek Fabric

Provided By New Haven Awning

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Fire retardant.

Firesist delivers a state-of-the-art combination of flame retardant performance and UV resistance that exceeds industry standards.

Weather resistance.

Weather-Chek fabrics are top coated with Herculite’s Rain Kleen®, a specially formulated and proprietary top coating system that helps prolong fabric life and preserve its color intensity.

Color retention.

The deep, rich colors and robust durability of Weather-Chek fabric deliver long-lasting good looks to just about any application.

Mildew Resistance.

Weather-Chek is a unique outdoor textile featuring the textured look of a woven textile without sacrificing the performance attributes of a commercial grade engineered thermoplastic

Weather-Chek is a revolutionary architectural textile composite that incorporates specially engineered flexible polymer technology with a high-performance polyester substrate. Made in America, Weather-Chek utilizes a unique hybrid construction that delivers exceptional tear and tensile strength blended with flexibility and softness. It is a unique technical textile that features the textured look of woven textile and maintains the performance attributes and benefits of a commercial-grade engineered thermoplastic.

Deep Red (WC826)

Glade Green (WC811)

DriftWood (WC819)

Tan (WC838)

Designer White (WC826)

Sand (WC800)

Rust (WC809)

Ivory (WC839)

Burgundy (WC815)

Deep Sea Blue (WC812)

Ocean Blue (WC846)

Black (WC845)