Vestibules and Patio Enclosures

You can provide shelter to your customers while also expanding your outdoor spaces by simply adding a vestibule or enclosure to your existing building.

New Haven Awning can design and install custom vestibules and enclosures to fit any type of building front or exit area to provide protection for your customers and your employees. Our vestibules and patio enclosures are dependable and long-lasting, and far more affordable than other traditional construction options. In addition, New Haven Awning provides full design, manufacturing and installation to guarantee that your vestibule or patio enclosure will meet all local laws and requirements.

Some of the benefits of installing Vestibules or Enclosures:

  • Reduce heating / cooling costs
  • Keep your customers more comfortable
  • Protect your business from the elements
  • Expand your outdoor space

Contact New Haven Awning to get your vestibules and enclosures designed & installed!

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