Entrance Awnings & Canopies

New Haven Awning will work with you to design,  fabricate and install your custom entrance awning to make sure it has high visibility and gives a  terrific first impression.  All our work is done in house by our team of professionals.

Not only do entrance awning and canopies add a touch style to your office or storefront, they also have a few other functions:

  • Help Save Money on Energy Bills

    Blocking the suns rays from your doors and windows,  awning will lower your energy bills by reducing the heat that enters your business. This is especially true if the front of your business has direct exposure to the sun. According to PAMA, a New England can save up to 61% on cooling costs which will eventually create a return on your investment.

  • Protects Customers From The Elements

    The most obvious advantage of an entrance  awning or canopy is that it can provide protection from the elements.  You clients can now enter or exit your building with the worry of the sun or rain while they

  • Protects Assets Inside Your Business

    A less obvious but equally important advantage to adding an entrance awning is that it will protect your furniture and other items in the front of your office or business . Because the awning blocks harmful UV sun rays from entering, your rugs, wall paint, art and other belongings will be spared from fading and damage that direct sun can cause.


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