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The Place 2 Be Is Coming To New Haven, CT!

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If you’re a brunch fan like we are then you already know about the amazing restaurant aptly named The Place 2 Be. This restaurant has a unique and delicious menu that you won’t find in any other restaurant. Whether you are looking the for the best Belgian waffles dish named “The Morning Rooster” or you want to kick it up a bit and have one of their delicious S’mores Milk Shakes spiked with Baileys. This is definitely the place to go, or rather the place to be!

We designed and installed a long box awning to cover the entire front of the building. For the fabric we used Sunbrella’s Beauford Classic #4982 from thier Mayfield collection. To set this one apart from the rest we also brilliantly rotated the fabric 45 degrees and RF welded it so there are no visible seams.


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