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This Lucky Homeowners Summer Porch Can Now Be Used All Year!
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Just last week we finished up a great project that we turned an open summer porch into an all-season enclosed patio. These lucky Guilford residents can now enjoy the great outdoors regardless of the temperature with their new porch enclosure. For the windows, we used the Lexon panels. These incredible panels are made from polycarbonate…

Summer is coming to an end, it’s time to prepare for the fall.
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With the summer months quickly coming to an end, and cooler temps on the way, it’s time to start planning. You may want the ability to keep your patio open all year with an enclosure or maybe you remember that last year when the entrance door was opened cold air quickly filled the room and…

A Commercial Awning Does More Than Just Shade Your Business.
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When many of us think of a commercial awning we think of how great they are at shading our storefront and keeping the sun out of our eyes as we help our clients. Those are definitely some great reasons to add an awning or canopy to your business or storefront, there are a few more…

The Hill House Gets a Custom Entrance Awning With Lexan Sides!
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Not to long ago The NH Awning Crew was in the residential community of Riverside, Connecticut to install one of our awesome custom entrance awnings for The Hill House Senior Residence. This is a  traditional style canopy with a Lexan panel on either side to prevent wind and rain from hitting the customers as they…

How Your Restaurant Can Increase Revenue By Simply Adding An Awning.
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It can be tough for restaurants to stand out in any city. You need to have the look, a great concept, and be in a great location. A good amount of your business will come from people just passing by, and without a custom awning, your restaurant could be easy to miss. Adding a commercial awning to…

Summertime Is The Right Time To Get Some Shade With NH Awning!
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Summer has officially started and most of us are planning for a great season full of backyard barbecues, yard projects, and maybe even a little light reading by the pool. We also know how we can easily get sunburned by being outside for too long. New Haven Awning has some terrific shade options that will…

Need Outdoor Dining Space? We’ve Got You Covered!
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With May 20th just around the corner, we realize that some establishments may not be ready to offer outdoor seating. One of the biggest issues we hear about is needing an easy way to shelter your customers from the elements and that’s where New Haven Awning comes in.  We offer many solutions to get you…

How Do I Replace My Retractable Awning Fabric?
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During these times of social distancing and isolation, a lot of us are looking around the house for our next project to keep us busy.  Replacing the faded or damaged fabric on your retractable awning is a great way to occupy your time while making your home look even better.  Below are all the steps…