Wholesale Awnings & Materials

By New Haven Awning

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New Haven Awning has almost 90 years experience fabricating every type of awnings and will find the most cost-effective and convenient way of adding a shading element to your client’s project. All work is done in house by our team of experts who have many combined years of experience using our state of the art machinery and tools.

Awning Types & Styles

We can design and fabricate awnings in a wide variety of styles including Quarter Barrel, Slant, Gable Marquee, Waterfall, Shed and any other shape of awning you can think of. We can also create a unique and custom design to meet your site requirements and architectural style.

Awning Manufacturing

We employ highly trained staff well educated in using the latest technologies to produce a consistently superior product. All work done in our fabrics department, graphics department and frame fabrication department is unsurpassed in our marketplace

Fabric Production

Our sewing department is well equipped with the latest technologies in fabric production. NH Awning can offer many different techniques and styles to complete your job in a timely manner. Each job is cut and sewn to exact specifications. You can also choose from custom sewing or use one of our state of the art methods like heat seaming.

Frame Fabrication

All our welds are ground clean to eliminate sharp edges that could tear the fabric and coated with chrome aluminum aerosol to coat the weld and conceal any residue.

Optional Painted Finish

Our frames can be painted for color matching and coordination with awning fabrics and existing building color style.

Awning Fabrics

We offer a wide range of fabrics to fit your every need. Including Sunbrella, Tempotest, Firesist, Weathertyte Plus and Weblon. You can order it by the roll or have you fabric cut and sealed to your exact measurements.

Awning Graphics

New Haven Awning excels in awning graphic design. We offer many different processes that can be used to apply our graphics, depending on the awning material. For backlit awnings, an Eradication process is used that involves reverse-masking of areas where graphics will be positioned. An eradication fluid removes the color from the fabric on those areas–allowing the eradicated letter and/or graphic to illuminate when backlit. For graphics on acrylic fabrics, NH Awning utilizes heat transfer to place vinyl graphics directly onto the fabric. Heat-transferred graphics are superior to painted-on graphics because they have much cleaner edges and sharper lines. Take a look below for explanations and typical applications of our graphic processes.

Heat Transfer Vinyl

Mainly used on awnings, canopies, and fabric banners where crisp graphics on non-backlit fabrics are needed, heat transfer vinyl graphics are available in any adhesive vinyl color. Computer-cut vinyl material is heat-bonded to the substrate. These graphics works well on woven acrylic fabrics like Sunbrella.

Adhesive Vinyl

Mainly used on backlit awnings, canopies and fabric banners where dark color graphics are required on a more lightly colored background, adhesive vinyl provides an economical alternative to the eradication process. Used on translucent vinyl fabrics by applying computer-cut translucent vinyl film directly to the fabric surface.

Eradicated Graphics

Mainly used on backlit awnings, canopies, and flexible sign faces where white graphics are used on a single color background. Translucent eradicable vinyl fabrics are used and the graphics created by chemically eradicating the color surface using a computer-cut stencil mask to reveal the white substrate.

Digitally Printed Graphics

This on is great for backlit awnings, canopies, and flexible sign faces where full-color graphics or photographic images are needed. These can be used on a wide variety of vinyl fabrics and are created by printing digital images directly to the fabric substrate. We also offer a clear laminate film for UV protection.

If you have a project and you clients need a well made shading structure feel free to give us a call and one of our representatives can walk you through the process and help you get the best product for the best price.