Corradi SunIQ

By New Haven Awning

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Cutting Edge Drop Screen

Aire uses cutting edge drop screen technology to deliver modern style and design. With such a wide variety of screens and fabrics AIRE can easily be designed to look great with both residential and commercial applications.

Corradi Aire can be wall or ceiling mounted and comes standard with motorized operation as well as stainless steel chassis with a 78mm steel tube.


Beautiful Louvered Pergola

Essentia is Corradi’s new motorized louvered pergola and is designed to give you the comfort of shade with minimal effort. Just 1 click of the button and the louvers rotate quietly to turn your patio into a cool and comfortable shaded retreat.

Featuring an aluminum frame that can be mounted to a structure or it can be a free standing system with out the need for any additional support. Corradi Essentia also gives you the choice have the motor being controlled by a remote control or a wall mounted switch.

EVO & EVO SC (Semi-Cassette)

Timeless Retractable Lateral Arm Awning

Evo uses a elegant design with the ability to add an awning to just about any structure. Because it can be roof or wall mounted the possibilities really are endless.

Corradi Evo can be opened manually or you can add a motor that can be operated by wall mounted switch or remote control.


Multi-directional exterior tension screen/awning

What makes Horizon incredible isn’t just it’s the ability to be used like a vertical screen over windows or a horizontal awning/patio cover. Horizon is incredible because it can be use on any angle in between. It can also be used for bottom up applications.

Corradi Horizon is installed on a constant pressure track to ensure the material is always tight and wrinkle free and can be flush or space mounted. You also can add the optional motor so one are all can controlled by a remote control or a wall mounted switch.


Cable Guided Screen (RAY) and Drop Arm Awning (WING)

Ilios uses a round profile that allows for both a screen or drop arm application so it can be used to block some of the sun or most of it depending on your needs.

Corradi Elio is touted as “the new superstar in the drop awning sector” and has won many awards including the Red Dot Design Award.


Nautically Inspired Shade Sail

The Pilot Shade Sail was designed with a vast understanding of the nautical world and how fabrics and structures react with salt water and shoreline weather.

To ensure it’s longevity Corradi’s Pilot Shade system uses a stainless steel frame with Dacron canvas. The sail can be rotated 360° and can be wound up in just a couple seconds by hand or with the optional motor.


Architectural box cassette, retractable lateral arm awning.

Shan is the state-of-the-art of all cassette awnings. Which means that when closed it is virtually invisible. Because of this it can be added to almost any structure with out compromising the design.

Corradi Shan can be wall mounted and is operated by a motor. With optional sensors you can even set the awning to open or close depending on the wind and sun conditions.


Contemporary Retractable Lateral Arm, Open Roll Awning

Svet is cutting edge awing design and can cover large areas so it is ideal for restaurants and bars as well as any area that needs large sun/rain protection.

Corradi Svet can be wall mounted and is motorized with your choice of remote control or wall mounted switch. With optional sensors you can even set the awning to open or close depending on the wind and sun conditions.