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Blending Style and Utility: Shed Awnings by New Haven Awning at Haven Beer Co.

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Located in the vibrant town of Hamden, Connecticut, Haven Brewery is not just a must visit for craft beer aficionados but also a showcase for stellar design. Understanding the necessity of marrying practicality with a flair for the contemporary, Haven Brewery joined forces with New Haven Awning, an esteemed Connecticut awning supplier. This partnership has made way to an innovative shading solution that not only heightens comfort but also significantly kicks up the aesthetic charm a notch or two.

A Nod to Modern Industrial Elegance

With a vision to integrate a modern industrial look into the brewery’s outdoor seating, the choice of corrugated shed awnings was intentional. We designed these awnings to complement the brewery’s awesome, industrial surroundings.

Design and Fabrication: A Tailored Approach

Our collaboration led to the creation of 15 custom-designed awnings. The design phase was collaborative, with several consultations ensuring that each awning not only met the specific demands of Haven Brewery but also pushed our creative limits.

Chosen for their strength and versatility, these corrugated metal awnings were used to ensure that the awnings stood strong against our unpredictable New England weather patterns, making them as durable as they are visually appealing.

Seamless Installation With A Dramatic Visual Impact

As usual, our installation process of the awnings was carried out with precision and skill, designed to provide maximum shade while making sure not to interfere with the brewery’s operations. This strategic integration has resulted in a seamless blend of practicality and stylistic flair, creating an inviting atmosphere for all visitors.

The below images were captured the day to highlight the dynamic changes between light and shadow, and how these elements work together to enhance the brewery’s architectural features.

Experience the Fusion Firsthand

This joint effort embodies the perfect marriage of functionality and design, offering a retreat for those who look for fine craftsmanship and excellent beer. We invite you to come and experience this incredible fusion of utility and artistry for yourself.

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If you’re inspired by this project and curious about enhancing your own outdoor space, whether it’s to add a commercial awnings to your business or introduce stylish backyard oasis your home, New Haven Awning has the solutions. Contact us today to discover how they can transform your environment.