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A Flagship Store Gets Some Custom Awnings!

1024 538 New Haven Awning

The New Haven Awning Crew was at it again.  This time we were in our home town of New Haven to install thirteen shed awnings for J. Press.  Their new flagship store is located at 262 Elm Street and it looks amazing!  You can read more about it at Hypebeast

J. Press was started right here in New Haven in 1908 when Jacobi Press bought out Herman Goldbaum of Goldbaum & Press to create what we now know as J. Press. For many years it was considered a right of passage for a Yale underclassman to purchase their first J. Press suit.

For this project we designed, fabricated and installed 10 small shed awnings for the second and third floor windows. We also installed 3 large awnings for the entrance and display windows, on these we’ve added the J.Press custom logo. For the fabric we used royal navy(2079-0060) from the Sunbrella Mayfield collection.