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What Type Of Fixed Awning Works Best For Your Design?

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By now we all know that there are a lot of fabrics to choose from to make your new awning match you home or business. But there is another aspect that needs to be considered, the frame type. Here is a short list along with a description to help you pick the right one to make you home or business pop from the street.

Shed Awning Frame (Traditional)

The Shed Awning is a traditional style awning that is used on many homes and businesses. This awning can be used on entrances and windows and helps protect from sun, rain and snow. Business can easily be add graphics on both the body and valance of this type of awning.

These traditional style awnings also comes in convex and concave designs.  Is there any wonder why these are the most popular awning style across New England?

Dome Awning Frame (Half Round)

Dome awnings are frequently referred to as half round or circular awnings, and are defined by a rounded front and side view. This style is over windows and doors but can also be used to over windows while a long dome canopy awning is covering your entrance way.

This European inspired awning can also be designed and built as a long done, tall dome or irregular dome style awnings


Entrance Canopy Frame

An entrance Canopy can allow you to create welcoming entrance areas that also adds a stylish architectural feature to your building. They can highlight the correct entry door for your victors.

Entrance canopies can also be connected to a car port or simply lead to a drop off/pick up point to allow your visitors to stay out of the rain and snow while still easily accessing your property.


Custom Awning Fabrication


New Haven Awning specializes in custom design and fabrication to suite anyone’s needs. We can help you put your vision on paper and then build your awning to the exact specifications that are needed to install your  perfectly the first time.

Our design team works side by side with our fabricators to make sure your awning is delivered in a timely manner in as little time as possible. During all steps of the process we are available to discuss any design changes and help you figure out the best way to accomplish them.