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U.S.S Chowder Pot III Gets A Visit From The New Haven Awning Crew

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This summer “The Crew” was at The U.S.S Chowder Pot III in Branford, CT to recover a extra-large patio enclosure and install some custom interchangeable seasonal panels. Now regardless of the weather patrons will always be comfortable on this amazing patio.

Roof Fabrication:

On the roof we used Sunbrella fabric (Burgundy #4631). During fabrication we used our Rf welder to seam weld this beast in to one continuous piece while integrating custom designed pockets to wrap each roof truss to give it the inside as well as the outside a great finished look.

Wall Fabrication:

The walls use interchangeable panels so this restaurant can easily adjust this patio to complement any season:
During the summer months they will use Lexan panels. These panels are lightweight, 100% clear and can be easily opened to allow the summer breeze though.
For the colder winter months we recommended a thicker polycarbonate insert that is also crystal clear but has the added benefit of keeping the heat in and the cold wind out.

Aren’t you hungry?

As you can easily tell this patio enclosure can now be enjoyed all year round. So whether you visit Chowder pot on Monday for Lobster Night or Thursday for the Prime Rib you don’t have to worry about the weather to enjoy eating on this awesome patio.

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