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Avventura Bakery & Deli Gets New Shed Awnings

800 600 New Haven Awning

The New Haven Awning Crew was in Southington, Connecticut not to long ago to install some of our custom fabricated shed awnings. These beauties may look a little different then the norm, besides using an eye popping green Sunbrella fabric (Ginkgo #4685) we also used out state of the art Sunbrella Graphics System to give the awning a little more flare. When it comes to curb appeal it doesn’t get any better then this!


The Sunbrella Graphic System (SGS) combines the beauty and performance of Sunbrella Fabric with the longevity of 3M products. So you can have the piece of mind knowing that any graphics we design and fabricate on your awning is going to last for many years to come.

Return On Investment:

The NH Awning staff know it can be tough for restaurants to stand out in any city. You need to have the look, a great concept, and be in a great location. We also know a good amount of your business will come from people just passing by, and without a custom awning, your restaurant could be easy to miss. Adding a commercial awning to your restaurant can be help draw those potential customers in so you have an opportunity to show them why they will be coming back..

If you would like to see how much an awning can help your restaurant visit our Commercial ROI Awning Calculator or Contact us for a price quote