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Something Awesome Is Brewing In Stony Creek!

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If you read our last post then you already know that we visited Stony Creek Brewery a couple weeks back to install some Corradi Retractable Canopy Systems. These systems are called Iridium and are absolutely amazing! They offer some great features that you can’t find anywhere else.

  • Can be installed flat and parallel to the ground or pitched at just about any angle.
  • Integrated lighting that is built into the tubes of the system’s retractable roof mechanism (optional)
  • Anti-Drip System – For lateral rainwater retention as well as an anti-drip profile for retention of rain water spray
  • Can be wall or ceiling mounted.
  • Motorized system easily operated by remote control or a switch.
  • Stratus Screen – A specially designed vertical exterior Screen that is easily integrated (optional).

Enough talk about the product, let’s focus on the job! We installed 6 of these systems. They are all interconnected so by a simple push of a button they all start to retract. It really is an amazing site to see, and guess what… You can! Check out the video below to see some awesome drone footage of this system in action.

Believe it or not, there’s more! We also added 10 Corradi’s signature cassette screen system. These are aptly name Summit and they operate just like the above system only for the walls. This system uses clear vinyl crystal window film that when open is neatly tucked into its cartridge and when closed it is as clear as a piece if glass. Add the fact that this vinyl also has the benefit of UV protection and you will understand why this setup makes it one of the best patio enclosures available today.

  • Wind & sun sensor compatible – Various wind & sun sensors can be integrated with the system and assist in protecting it from inclement weather.
  • The ability to function without guiding tracks.
  • Can be wall or ceiling mounted.
  • The cassettes can have a square or rounded front face.
  • Manual or motorized system that operates by remote control or a switch.

Here’s some great drone footage of the screen system opening. Check it out:

Just a flip of a switch and these happy brewery goers get to enjoy this awesome patio and some incredible beers without dealing with any of the bad stuff mother nature throws their way. I don’t know about you, but I know where I’ll be after work tonight! In the mean time check out some of the images below or take a look at the 360° video of this awesome brewery.

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