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Stop Wasting Your Time Shoveling Snow!

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First you have to shovel your home sidewalk, porch and driveway only to go to your business and have to start the process all over again.  Did you realize that if you had a sidewalk canopy or an entrance awning that this problem would be a thing of the past?  A sidewalk canopy can also keep your customers out of the rain and snow while a entrance awning will reduce cooling costs and keep that pesky snow out of your primary entrance.

Why Use Sidewalk Canopies & Entrance Awnings?

A lot of businesses can benefit from a sidewalk canopy and/or an entrance awning. Pretty much anywhere that you would like to keep your clients dry and the walkways free from snow and ice is a prime candidate.

Here are a few examples:

  • Schools benefit by keeping students dry as they get off the bus and a dry student means less clean up and less accidents.
  • Hotels can have a great place for their patrons to unload the car while keeping them dry and happy.
  • Storefronts can keep the front walkway free of snow and ice while adding more advertising real estate.

Entrance awnings don’t just save you time and money during the winter months they also help you save money during summer by keeping the area in front of your store cooler by blocking the suns heat.