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Stamford Building Just Got A Box Awning With A Surprise Inside!

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The New Haven Awning installation crew visited a newly renovated building in Stamford, Connecticut to install a great looking box awning. From the outside this may look like an ordinary box awning, but if you look closer you can see that there is a shed awning inside! Why you ask? Box awnings are terrific designs because of their straight lines and great advertising space, but they do have a downfall… They are flat on top or for this reason they are sometimes designed topless. By adding a shed awning to the inside we kept the appeal of the box awning and added the all weather protection of a shed awning.

The awning fabric we used is Serge Ferrari Précontraint 502 vinyl. The 502 vinyl is a high-performance awning fabric that aids in structural stability as well as offering in a great variety of colors, this awning fabric gives a designer look and feel. It also provides UV resistance and protection from the heat and weather to make sure this awning will last for years.


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