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Now That’s A Lot Of Canopies!

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For the past few years, I have been telling our readers about a lot of the projects we’ve done. Some small ones in West Hartford, CT to some pretty large ones in Mamaroneck, New York.  Regardless of the size of the project, we strive to give all our clients top of the line service all while offering products and materials from today’s leaders in the shading industry.

This job is no different!  We are in the process of installing 400+ standing seam metal awnings, that’s not a typo over 400!!  These canopies are designed and fabricated in-house for Rivington by Toll Brothers.  These are really some of the most beautiful “luxury, low maintenance” homes I’ve seen in a long time.


Benefits of our standing seam metal awnings

  • Dependable: Our standing seam awnings are extremely durable. No need to take them down in the winter.
  • Clean & modern design: Standing seam awnings can increase the curb appeal of any home or commercial building.
  • Versatile: Regardless of the shape and size of your project New Haven Awning can design, fabricate and install these canopies just about anywhere.
  • Low Maintenance: Other than an occasional rinse, your new standing seam awning will require next to no maintenance.
  • Great Options: Integrated hidden gutters can be added to prevent problem area flooding.
  • Economical: An inexpensive shading solution that will save you money on cooling costs!


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