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Transforming Woodway Beach Club: New Canopy and 15 Retractable Screens.

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The New Haven Awning crew was at Woodway Beach Club in Stamford, CT, to make impressive improvements to their facilities to ensure members and guests have an even more comfortable and visually appealing visit. These new canopy installations and the addition of 15 Corradi Summit Manual Operated Retractable Screens have changed the club’s outdoor spaces. Let’s go through the details of this project, highlighting the challenges and successes along the way.

Let’s start with the one-piece canopy cover. It involved a complicated installation with a carefully chosen oyster color fabric to match the club’s existing decor. This choice ensures the canopy serves its functional purpose and enhances the club’s overall aesthetic appeal.

Creating this large one-piece canopy was quite a task, but as usual, New Haven Awning took on the challenge, putting in the work to make sure every detail was right. This canopy was around 200 feet long and required precise fabrication and expert installation.

Installing the canopy was an all-day job. The lacing detail, essential for securing the canopy, was a meticulous process that required patience and skill. After all, we wanted to ensure that the canopy was installed correctly and securely. This careful attention to detail is something we are very proud of.

We added 15 Manually Operated Corradi Summit Retractable Screens along with the new canopy installation. These screens can easily enclose outdoor areas when needed, providing protection from the New England weather and adding a touch of elegance to the club’s outdoor spaces.

These manual screens are straightforward to operate, which allows the staff to adjust them quickly. The flexibility is especially useful during events, where the screens can help create a more intimate and controlled setting.

Let’s not forget to mention the timing of these installations was crucial. Woodway Beach Club hosts many fantastic events, and finishing this project means the club is ready to offer a better experience for its members and guests. The new canopy and retractable screens help to improve comfort and visual appeal, making the club an even more inviting place for its many events.

The new canopy installation as well as the 15 Corradi Summit Retractable Screens, represent an awesome improvement to the club’s facilities. The careful choice of materials, the expertise of New Haven Awning, and the practical and aesthetic benefits of the retractable screens all help to transform this outdoor space just in time for the busy summer season. These upgrades ensure Woodway Beach Club remains a top spot for relaxation and social gatherings for many years to come.

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