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Custom Awnings, Canopies & Enclosures

Posted on Oct 31, 2017 in Awnings, Awnings For Banks, Canopies, Canopy, Commercial Awnings, Enclosures, Entrance Awning, Metal Canopies, Metal Canopy, Patio Canopy, Patio Enclosure, Patio Enclosures, Save money with awnings, Save Money With Vestibules

Custom Awnings, Canopies & Enclosures

Awnings,canopies & enclosures aren’t just for businesses anymore. These days a lot of homeowners are watching their hard earned dollars and looking for ways to reduce their monthly expenses. What if you could see a pretty good reduction to your cooling costs, simply by adding an attractive awning to your home? If you think about it the notion is actually pretty simple and straight forward. By providing shading for your windows, you reduce the amount of direct sunlight passing through the glass of your home and in turn using less energy to keep your home cool. In an article from the United States Department of Energy, the government stated that the addition of a basic window awning can drop the amount of solar heat gain during a summers day by up to an astonishing 65% on all the windows facing south on your home, and over 77% on any windows facing west. The results from this study are obviously very exciting to any home or business owners that is considering adding a retractable or fixed awnings to their home or building. Below is video showing the results from PAMA’s study of 50 cities across the United States: Click here...

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