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The Best Way To Remove Snow From Your Canopy Or Awning.

Posted on Mar 6, 2019 in Awning Maintenance, Awnings, Metal Canopies, Metal Canopy, Residential Gallery

The Best Way To Remove Snow From Your Canopy Or Awning.

In many areas of the country, snow buildup on awnings and canopies can be a very serious concern and very dangerous in many ways. Luckily in Connecticut having to remove snow from your canopy is a rare occurrence. Although canopies and awnings do a great job keeping the snow off your patios and walkways if snow or ice is allowed to build up excessively on your structure it could be subjected to a higher than normal weight load, which could put excess strain on the structure. There are many different tools that can be used to clear the snow from your awnings without causing any damage. Using incorrect tools can scratch metal, aluminum, or wood awnings or fray and tear some fabric awnings. Below are some of our recommended methods used in removing snow and ice from your awnings. If you are unsure about doing this job yourself it is always best to hire a professional. Use a Snow Broom Snow brooms are great to use on fabric and metal awnings alike. They are soft bristled with an extendable handle. This helps protect your awning while removing the excess snow. Simply push or pull the snow off the awning until...

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