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Introducing AIRE Drop Screens by Corradi

1024 800 New Haven Awning

AIRE is a new cutting edge shade/screen system brought to you by Corradi. This drop screen system can be used for domestic and commercial applications to provide relief from the sun and it’s harmful rays while also providing privacy.

Shades have a max width of 17 feet so this amazing drop screen can cover large areas. There’s no need to worry if your area is larger, multiple screens can be placed side by side and since all AIRE shades come motorized you can just flip a switch or push a button to raise and lower this amazing system.

Some great features of The Corradi Aire:

  • Cable guided system so you don’t have to worry about the wind blowing them around.
  • Full cassette housing so when closed the shade/screen is hidden from view (bottom bar that fully retracts into cassette).
  • Torque sensing motor that senses and adjust the torque to ensure smooth opening and closing always.
  • Optional wind and sun sensors can be added to automatically open and close depending on your settings
  • Optional Wall switch or remote controlled operation

This system is a perfect companion for the Corradi Shan Awning!
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