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A Great New Way To See How An Awning Looks On Your Home… And It’s Free!

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A great new app for iOS and Android has been released by Tempotest. They are one of the leading manufacturers of awning fabrics and have been producing high quality textiles for almost 100 years. If you would like to jump right to downloading this awesome application you can click here, but I recommend you keep on reading to see just some of the benefits of using The Tempotest Visualizer® App..

One thing that we know everyone needs more of is time…which is why we developed an app for smartphones and tablets (available for both Apple and Android devices) that helps your potential awning owners instantly ‘visualize’ what a their new awning could look like and choose the Tempotest® fabric suitable to satisfy any architectural need through augmented reality.

You can also use existing photographs and project various awning styles in 3D with any combination of fabrics available from the Tempotest® collection. The awning, virtually placed over your window (or on your RV or maybe even a food truck) can then be adjusted in size according to different tastes or needs, maintaining the actual designs and repeat scale of our Tempotest® fabric.

Tempotest Visualizer® allows all this in just four easy steps:

    1. Set any location or select an existing photo and then add one or more awnings.
    2. Choose the type of awning and the Tempotest® fabric pattern/color you prefer.
    3. Place and size the awning.
    4. Save the photo and instantly send it or share it with anyone, even on social networks. Remember to use #nhawning so we can see what you came up with

As you can see Tempotest Visualizer® is simple, easy to use and is designed for both awning professionals and their potential awning owners.
Our virtual reality takes the guess work out of choosing the various awning styles and fabric patterns that best compliments your home, building or office.


Download Tempotest Visualizer® App Below



You can also scan this QR Code from any mobile device