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Don’t Let The Cold Weather Keep Your Customers Away!

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20150908_131534Your customers can’t enjoy your beautiful patio during the cold weather season.  Unless of course, you have a custom patio enclosure by New Haven Awning!  We can help you decide what the best way is to maximize your patio space as well as help you obtain the best look for your restaurant or storefront.

With more customers comes more business! If your outdoor patio doesn’t allow you to seat customers during the cold months,  you are losing business that could otherwise maximize your profitability. Restaurant patio enclosures also help you with customer happiness by decreasing their wait times and creating a comfortable, beautiful space for them to enjoy.


Some Benefits Of Adding a Patio Enclosure

  • A patio enclosure is an ideal solution for expanding the outdoor space of restaurants and shopping centers.
  • With stores, you can increase the number of shelves and displays maximizing your floor space.
  • With Restaurants, you can increase the number of tables for your clients.
  • Adding a custom patio enclosure or vestibule can greatly increase your curb appeal.
  • In the summer and the spring you can open the roof and remove the walls, allowing your patrons to enjoy the pleasant weather.
  • With our patio enclosure systems, you acquire greater commercial value, with a quick return on your initial investment. Use our calculator and see!


It’s easy to see that if you have 20 tables on your patio and they can’t be used 5 months out of the year, that you’re losing money. It just makes sense to add an enclosure to utilize that great space all year round.


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