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Choosing An Awning That’s Right For Your Business.

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Just like all aspects of curb appeal, an awning is one of the first things your guests will see when passing by your business. The difficult part is figuring out  how to choose an awning that is right for you and one that conveys the look you want the world to see. Answering the below questions will help get you on the right track in making your business pop and drawing potential customers in!

What is the primary purpose or the awning?

One thing should think about when choosing a commercial awning is going to be it’s purpose. Different types of awnings do different things. For example, a fixed awning will protect your guests from the weather all year long but can’t be retracted in the winter months to let some of the suns rays in to warm your commercial property.  On the other hand a retractable awning gives you the best of both worlds but may cost a little more.

What size custom awning do you need?

Another thing to consider is what size you should ask us to design. A smaller awning with the right painted graphics could make a small storefront look bigger and make it much easier to locate. . If your property is bigger and has a good amount of windows, you may want to think about a larger awning with graphics that make your business stand out while at the same time conveying any information you may want a passerby to know.

What should your awning represent?

If you own a business like a candy store or maybe a kids clothing store, the choices of your new commercial awning should be brightly colored and fun. But if you own a law firm, your awning should be formal and more professional.  You can use any awning style to showcase your business but the color should be defined by your business.

Location is everything!

 You have take into consideration the type of material that other business’s in your area are using and whether you’d like to stick with the same style or do something different to make your space stand out more.  For example if most of your business is walk-ins or people deciding to come in after passing you a few times, you should choose something that will make your business stand out from the rest.  You should also think about how far away you want people to see your business from. Should people see it while walking by, driving on the highway, or sitting at a stoplight around the corner? This will help determine size, design, color, and even the size of your business’s graphics printed on your awning.

Sometimes you have to Think Outside The Box!

Some times you need to come up with a design that you’ve never seen before and that’s were New Haven Awning shines! Contact us for a free quote on a one of a kind design that will be manufactured and designed by us for you.