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9 Perfect Reasons To Invest In A Retractable Awning For Your Home

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Are you looking for a great way to reduce your electric bill or maybe just improve the outside appearance of your home? Investing in a retractable awnings can do that and much, much more. No matter the reasons to invest in retractable awning they always start and end with sun and heat protection.

New England’s summer sun can be a savage as it pounds down on your patio, doors and windows and one of the best solutions is to install a retractable awning. This doesn’t mean you should run out and grab the first one you find.  You want to make sure you get one that was fabricated with highest quality materials while also using state of the art long lasting fabric.

So before the summer sun peaks high in the sky, its time to make your backyard oasis dreams come true. I want you to imagine sitting beneath the cool shade of a retractable awning with no worries about fading, cleaning or wear and tear on you patio furniture. Even better if you have metal furniture the rain is not going to rust it because you can program it to retract to meet many different conditions. This is why we are so sure all homeowners can appreciate the convenience; the quality and the atmosphere your new retractable awning will deliver.

So what is that makes retractable awnings by New Haven Awning so impressive? Check out the below list to find out:

  1. Top notch sun and heat protection that can make late afternoons and evenings on the patio or deck a more pleasurable experience. The majority of our customers that contact us about retractable awnings are doing so to protect themselves and guests from the sun and it’s damaging rays. Why would you want to sit in direct sunlight or keep having to duck your head under an umbrella, when a retractable awning provides complete area coverage and all the shade you could ever desire?
  2. Rain protection makes up the next largest percentage of our retractable awnings installs. Whether the awning provides a place for you and your guests to get out of a gentle shower or just allows you all to comfortably sit out on the patio during a cooling, summer rain; our retractable awnings offer great looks and superior protection rolled into one perfect package.
  3. Improve the exterior appearance of your home and raise that curb appeal. Our retractable awnings come in a variety of styles and colors. Whether decorating for a beach house or a traditional split level ranch, a retractable awning will look great and we can match it to any exterior.
  4. There are a bunch of great sensor options available for making the retractable awning do exactly what you would like it to do. Regardless of where you live the awning can be set to open in extreme heat, close in high winds and even open a percentage of the way during rain fall.
  5. Adding an additional room without the high construction costs. Your new retractable awning can add an awesome outside lounging/dining area to your home and because a retractable awning is a great deal less expensive than a permanent structure you can get all this at a fraction of the cost of an addition.
  6. Save money on your electric bill. Retractable awnings not only shade your yard and patio, but they can also reduce the indoor temperature. They can help cut down on cooling costs by preventing the suns rays from entering and heating up your home, thus helping to cut your cooling cost.
  7. Little to no maintenance is required. Most of our retractable awning manufacturers back their product with a mulit year warranty.
  8. Control where and when you want it, We can position the controls wherever you prefer: indoors, outdoors or even use the available remote control.
  9. Bigger is sometimes better. State of the art engineering and design makes even the largest retractable awnings not only possible, but desirable.